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Manufacturing Portable Transporting Solutions for the Slip Seat Trucker
CB Radio Cutout (big enough to work with export models)
Stereo Cutout (fits all Din Size Stereos)
Stereo Speaker Cutouts 5.25in UPS Box all others 6.5in speakers
Access cutout for side mike CB Models
All neccessary cutouts are edge trimmed with a plastic trim
2 Antenna Box Connectors PL259 style (additional ones can be added if optioned) including super flex coax leads.
Exclusive Polorized Power Connector mounted through box
6 foot Power cable assembly with copper alligator ends truck side connection
External CB Speaker furnished and mounted including a wire style grill on all boxes except Wedge uses 4in Pro Series Box Style
Flush mounted Box Cigar Lighter for Cell Phone Charger
20 Amp Box Saver Installed to protect electronic components
Each Box is throughly tested prior to shipping
TSS WEDGE PRICE: $375.00 + Shipping
FEATURING PRO SERIES External CB Speaker.  Standard cut for DIN size Stereo, 6.5in speaker cutouts, Standard or export CB cutout.  Includes *STANDARD FEATURES. Wired and ready for your own equipment.  Add the options as needed.  Save on shipping when options are added with purchase of box.  Reflected Total will show in your shopping cart
NOTE ON OPTIONS:  Be sure to add your box to the shopping cart to take advantage on Options shipping savings for this box. Select from the Products at bottom of page. Price includes installation with option
Box Mount Cigar Lighter $14.99
Thru Box Barrel Connector $11.99
Turn CB Ant. Into AM/FM Ant $39.95
Dynamat Installed in TSS WEDGE $85.00
Box Mike Connector $13.99
Box Satellite Cable Assembly $44.99
WEDGE EXTENSION PRICE: $100.00 + Shipping
The Wedge Extension box provides additional storage to the Wedge. The extension is fastened to the bottom of the Wedge with the feet removed from the wedge and added to the extension. The width of the extension is the same as the wedge and the additional height is 8 1/2 in. A hinged door on the front allows easy access to the contents. Provides over .68 square feet of storage for your convince. The additional height of 8 1/2 in brings The Wedge box to more appealing height to operate and view electronics. Price does not include mounting to TSS Wegde Box. Shipped with mounting screws This will save you shipping charges.
TSS 3500RL PRICE: $385.00 + Shipping
We took the largest box version, wired it and added our own external cb speaker.  Put in one of our box savers to protect your electronics.  Finish your box with your own stereo and speakers.  Add your own CB Radio and your have the completed box.  Wired professional.  We even dropped off the power and speaker wires for the stereo and CB.  Just like the rest of the TSS Series boxes *STANDARD FEATURES included. Of course you can added a few options.  Choose from the products below and save with bundle shipping costs.  Add it to your cart for the total shipping cost.
TSS 3100 PRICE: $350.00 + Shipping
Suitcase style box.  Easy to transport from truck to truck..  We have provided the external cb speaker and wired it for your stereo, speakers and cb radio.  All external connections for power and 2 coax antenna connectors.  Also included is a cigar lighter for you cell phone charger.  Features all *STANDARD FEATURES. (Pic does not show actual standard features)
TSS UPS LB PRICE: $360.00 + Shipping
Smallest box we make out of aluminum.  Carries all the *STANDARD FEATURES for the TSS Boxes.  Add you own electronics for a completed box.  Complete with 6ft power connectors for truck connection. Box weights 12 lbs empty.  This little box is as small as your can make for carrying your equipment in.
Add these options at time of purchase with your TSS Box and save with bundled shipping.  Price includes any labor if needed for parts.  Add box to your shopping cart and then any part or parts to get free shipping of parts when installed into box. (Dynamat adds flat charge of $5.00 for shipping)
Dynamat Installed in TSS 3100 $85.00
Dynamat Installed in TSS UPS LB $85.00
Dynamat Installed in TSS 3500RL $100.00
Adding Dynamat to your box will add approx. 3-4 lbs to the overall weight of the box
Collapsible Hand Cart
See exclusive offer below
EXCLUSIVE DEAL: SAVE $50.00  Purchase a TSS Box or RTT box  from The Aluminum Box Company and Save on this aluminum collapsible hand cart.  Limited time offer while supplies last.
MSRP $107.00 Value
TSS Series  This is our Pre Fab Series of radio boxes.  All the box models feature cuts for the CB, Stereo and Stereo Speakers plus a supplied External CB Speaker wired and installed.  Additional features include 2 box antenna coax connectors, cigar lighter, power connector and truck side power cable connector. We have also added one of our BOX SAVERS for protecting your equipment.  Pre wired inside with the necessary power connections for the stereo, and CB.  All you have left to do is mount your own stereo and speakers and mount the CB Radio. Each box version sports its own size Stereo Speakers as well as its unique External CB Speaker.  You can select your box version and add any of the additional options as need to complete your TSS Series Box.  Selecting the ADD TO CART for the total including shipping. 
Keep up to speed with the Stow and Go Cart. The lightweight aluminum frame makes it ideal for transporting your slip seat radio box.  The Cart's collapsible design lets it fit into small spaces for compact storage. Features include: telescoping handle, solid rubber retractable wheels, a fold-up toe plate and 110 lb. carrying capacity. Ships fully assembled.
Save $50.00 on this cart with purchase of any of the TSS Boxes or RTT boxes.  Price is reflected when added to shopping cart.  SPECIAL PRICED $57.00  Shipping extra
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