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If you are can assemble your own box or know someone to add your equipment for you, then this Series is for you.  Choose your version below.  If you need additional parts for the build see the accessories below.  Save on shipping when you purchase parts and box at the same time.  see additional info below
Model 3100   $155.00
Measuring only 17 1/2 in wide and 14in deep by 5 1/8 tall, empty weight is 9lbs, this small box is a favorite when space or size or cost is a factor. Holding (2) 6 1/2 in speakers and a 4in external speaker for the CB. The cuts on the front are for a DIN mount Stereo and a full size Export or smaller CB. The quality of this box is like the rest of the basic line. A handle is placed on the short side for easy transport. This like all of the J Box Series are MADE IN THE USA!   The unit hinges to open like a suite case for easy access and assembly.  Save on parts for this box.  See SAVINGS below
J Box Series ( Just Boxes are cut for CB, Stereo, Stereo Speakers, External CB Speaker, Side Mount Mike)  View detail information with each box version.
UPS LB smallest version we make. Measures 12 in wide overall (this includes hinges and handle and 12 in front to back, 9in height. Speakers are 5 1/4 in. only. Will hold export radio, stereo, stereo speakers, external speaker 4in,  Save on parts for this box.  See SAVINGS below
Model 3500RL   $185.00
The Model 3500RL is the largest to date of the basic box line. Measuring in at 17 1/2 wide by 14in deep by 12in tall. Weighting in at 12 lbs empty. This one after all the equipment is install has enough room left for at least 3 pairs of shoes, (out of the boxes of course). If the sound of the stereo is important we have made space for (2) 5 1/4 in speakers in the front of the box, along with a 4in ext speaker for the CB. Round support feet are added to the back so this box is normally used standing up, although some set it in the passenger seat. The normal DIN cut for the Stereo as well as standard and export CB. Save on parts for this box.  See SAVINGS below
THE WEDGE  $175.00
Most popular version of the basic models. The WEDGE offers the Slip Seat Trucker a compact unit that will hold a standard or export CB, a CD or cassette Deck, (2) 6 1/2 speakers (subject to grill shape), a special size professional external speaker. chassis mount mike adapter for those side mount CB'S, Recessed mounting speaker frame so the grills of your speakers won't get knocked off. Newly designed rear door for better access for assemble and repair, offers some storage in the back. Bottom feet. This unit is all made from USA parts. The handle unlike some knock-offs will not break. The hinges and hasps for units that have been in use for over 15 years has never failed.
Wedge Extension   $100.00
The Wedge extension box provides additional storage to the Wedge. The extension is fastened to the bottom of the Wedge with the feet removed from the wedge and added to the extension. The width of the extension is the same as the wedge and the additional height is 8 1/2 in. A hinged door on the front allows easy access to the contents. Provides over .68 square feet of storage for your convince. The additional height of 8 1/2 in brings The Wedge box to more appealing height to operate and view electronics. Adds 5 lbs to the weight to WEDGE BOX
Finish you box Professionally with Exclusive Parts from The Aluminum Box Co. (same parts we use for the TSS & RTT Series Boxes)

SAVE: If you are buying one of the boxes above and need build parts to finish your box, select from our EXCLUSIVE parts we use in house to finish your box.  Selecting from this group will give you a discount on shipping by bundling the shipping with your J Series box to save you money.  These parts will be discount in the shopping cart when you checkout.  You have to purchase these parts with one of the boxes above to receive the discount.  If you are returning or visiting the site for the first time use this link to purchase the same parts without box purchase.  We have set the checkout process to reflect a discount only when you purchase one of the J Series boxes at same time.  Each item will add only $1.00 to shipping cost when purchased with any J Series box ( Does Not Include Dynamat Products). Select part and add to cart for discount
Box Mount Cigar Lighter $9.99
A proven winner for any Slip Seat Trucker. Dim. Overall height 16". Front to back(thickness) 11", 14 1/4" wide. Weighting in at 10lbs empty. I have added XM and Sirius Radio to these boxes as well as small CB Amps in back corner, as well as Stereo amps on back hinged lid inside. Great product with a surprising amount of space for acc.  Save on parts for this box.  See SAVINGS below
Complete Box Power Cable $21.99
Copper Alligator Clips Pair $5.99
Male Box Power Connector $5.99
Female Power Box Connector $5.99
Thru Box Barrel Connector $6.99
20 Amp Box Saver $30.00
30 Amp Box Saver $35.00
Box Mike Connector $8.99
Stereo Trim $9.99
Turn CB Ant. Into AM/FM Ant $39.95
Speaker Spacer Rings $20.00
External Speaker & Grill $18.99
Internal 1.5 in Coax Assembly $9.99
18 Ft. Coax Assembly $16.99
Misc. Parts $17.99
If you don't have the time or talent to complete your Slip Seat Radio Box, take a look at the TSS Series Boxes.  Professionally assembled with all the extras so all you need to do is add you own CB, Stereo and Speakers.  Will save you time and you will get a Professional wired and assembled box.  Follow the Link
Don't forget your antenna mount.  We offer our own vise grip antenna mount in several versions.  Follow the link
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Dynamat Kit for  WEDGE 8 sq.ft $79.98
Dynamat Kit for  3100 4 sq.ft. $45.00
Dynamat Kit for  3500RL 8 sq.ft. $79.98
Dynamat Kit for  UPS LB 4 sq.ft. $45.00
Contains wire ties and fittings to complete any box
Select this version if you are using a Export CB
Use with the 3100, 3500RL, or UPS LB
Use for outside antenna
AM/FM Box Connector $14.99
Use inside box to connect Box Stud to Stereo 18in
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WEDGE External Speaker   $18.99
Exclusive WEDGE Box Pro Speaker
NO CB Stereo Slipseat Box
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