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1) Before you submit your site, please make sure you have set up a reciprocal link to The Aluminum Box  Company on your website. Below you will find your choice of our banner ad, text link and/or text link html code which you can simply copy and paste to your web site's link page for the link to

2) Your link to our site must be on a page which is linked from your home or index page and no more than one page in from your links directory. Please note that reciprocal links will be checked on a regular basis to ensure that all reciprocal linking agreements are observed by both parties

3) You must own your domain name. Sites hosted on free services will be listed if they are of very good quality.

4) Sites that are directly vending related will be posted on our Resources page, all others will be posted in one of the categories in our Favorite Links .

5) We will not accept any links with adult content or pornographic materials; nor will we accept any casino and gambling sites.

6) Do not submit your site if it is still under construction, contains adult content, or reroutes you to another website; it will not be accepted. Web sites should be of good quality and its content should be relative to the site title and description. Websites should be related to business, small business, retail and wholesale sales, ecommerce and online marketing. Other quality sites may be considered for linking as well.
For our Text Link - please follow these instructions:  
Include our URL, Title and description on your link pages as follows: 
Title:The Aluminum Box Company 
  Description: We are your complete solutions provider, selling The Best Slip Seat Radio Boxes Made In The USA.  Lets us build you a trucker radio box and supply all the equipment for it.
If you wish you may simple copy and paste the following Text Link:
The Aluminum Box Company
We are your complete solutions provider, selling The Best Slip Seat Radio Boxes Made In The USA.
or you may copy and paste the following .html code:  The Aluminum Box Company
We are your complete solutions provider, selling The Best Slip Seat 
Radio Boxes Made In The USA. Lets us build you a trucker radio box 
and supply all the equipment for it.

For our Banner Ad - please follow these instructions:  Large Banner (468 px x 75 px)
468X75 Banner Add for The Aluminum Box Company
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300X48 Banner Add For The Aluminum Box Company
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Once the reciprocating link back to us has been posted on your link pages please then complete the following form and submit. Your link will be posted on our link pages within 72 hours.

Please provide the following information:  Its as easy as 1,2,3
Your Name, Your Company Name, Your Email Adress,
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The URL the Link is on, example:
This defines the exact page we are on
And of course your link:
The link(ad) listing you wish us to place on our site
Include any html or banner information, description, etc.  so we can get it just right to show our customer who you are.  Keep the banner under 750 wide
This is why we call our Reciprocating links page Linking Partners
We know the importance of a good links.  We both will benefit with this exchange.  The closer the related subject matter with our sites the better for search engines.  Thank You.
I will personally visit your site and preview your listing and give you a extra added comment about your site when it is added to our linking partners page
Use this email address to contact me:
with the Subject showing linking partners


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